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A gritty and magical tale of two souls meet, go on adventures, fall in love all while trying to create their own reality from their dreams. Full of steampunk mechinations, magic, and gorgeous art. RELEASE: 3/31/14

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comic, life, macdowell

by glowcat

Hey. It's past time I updated folks on my situation.

I'm still technicaly between homes, HOWEVER. I'm starting a tattoo position in my old city soon. So I'm moving back there, it may be a few more weeks.

My computer did indeed kick the bucket entirely a bit back. As a result I had to wipe the drive while I was 3 hours away from my backup and it took even longer to get a new photoshop on my computer and longer still to get my scanner to work again- Twain and photoshop are divorced now, and for some reason my 'toolbox' wouldn't reinstall succesfully.

I also discovered I HATE Maverick and I reformated my computer after two days of that mess.


I also want to update folks on my search for grants. It hasn't gone far. Most won't cover what I need- living expenses and art supplies. If anyone stumbles on one, let me know. Otherwise what I have done so far is apply for an artist residency with MacDowell. A pretty presitigous art coloney! Wish me luck! If I make it there, or get a grant I'll be able to settle into a new home and really focus on the comic like I continue to try to do, but so far for the last couple months find myself thwarted.