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A gritty and magical tale of two souls meet, go on adventures, fall in love all while trying to create their own reality from their dreams. Full of steampunk mechinations, magic, and gorgeous art. RELEASE: 3/31/14

Blog - The delay.

The delay.

by glowcat

So I need to let you folks know that page 8 is coming. I've finished the pencil work on it. It needs to be scanned and put together and edited on the computer... however- I can't.

My computer had been suffering from corrupted info somewhere in it's hard drive. I tried and tried and tried to fix the problem without wiping the hard drive, but when I couldn't even get it to run my scanner anylonger it was time. So this week that''s what I did. The other part of the problem I'm running into now is that while my computer and scanner are here- I don't have photoshop anylonger. And it'll be a few days before I get to have someone assist me with putting that back on this computer... because... well... it's an expensive program, and I'm not a money bags girl if you catch my drift...

So. I'm working on the comic. Right now I'm just rolling onto drawing the next pages and will get to the computer work and posting things on the old schedule as soon as I can. That means you may get pages as soon as they're finished.